servo drives


  • 3 x 380 – 480 V 0.37 – 75 kW

Features and benefits

Reliable operation in many environments due ambient temperature of 50°C, unique cooling concept and coated PCB
5–15% energy savings and reduced operational costs due to Automatic Energy Optimizer function
Fast cleaning and extended lifetime thanks to removable cooling fan
No need for external controller due to built-in PID controller
Fast and easy commissioning as a result of enhanced numerical display and clear application selection guidance

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  • 3 x 200-240 V...0.25-37 kW
  • 3 x 380-500 V...0.37 kW – 1.1 MW
  • 3 x 525-600 V...0.75-75 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V...1.1 kW – 1.4 MW

Features and benefits

A wide operating temperature range of -25°C to +50°C without derating ensures reliable operation when your applications take your drive to the extremes
The flexible, modular design concept provides an extraordinarily versatile motor control solution
The new VLT® Wireless Communication Panel LCP 103 communicates wirelessly with MyDrive® Connect making it easier to perform commissioning, operation, monitoring and maintenance tasks
Back-channel cooling concept reduces costs, energy consumption and the size of the cooling system
New ‘ruggedized’ design reduces the potential negative effects of vibration
The need for PLC capacity is reduced thanks to Smart Logic Control
Low lifetime costs are ensured as the drive is highly resistant to wear and tear
The lifetime of electronics is prolonged due to back-channel cooling for enclosures D, E and F
High-precision position and synchronization thanks to availability of Integrated Motion Controller throughout the entire product range
Features such as intelligent heat management, Safe stop and Safe Torque Off ensure safe and energy-efficient operation of the drive

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